Indie Fashion & Beauty Made in Montreal

Montreal's fashion district has a long history of being the birthplace for many talented ...

Who doesn’t love discovering new local indie brands? We sure do! We bet there are more indie fashion brands in Canada than you ever realized, and of course the stylish city of Montreal is home for many of them.

Montreal’s fashion district has a long history of being the birthplace for many talented designers and brands. As one of Canada’s top fashion hubs, it’s a great place to start showing you some of our favourite homegrown fashion and beauty brands.

Five Fashion & Beauty Brands Made in Montreal

1. Iris Setlakwe

Iris Setlakwe began in 2001 and now has several boutiques in Montreal where they produce high-end clothing for modern women. Iris Setlakwe’s tailored and feminine styles respect the silhouettes of women by creating the line in all sizes and shapes. She is proud that her fashion brand is made locally in Montreal and defines the Iris Setlakwe brand as Canadian first and foremost.

2. M0851

As a Montreal-based handbags brand, M0851 conceives and crafts all their products in-house. M0851 makes leather bags, accessories, and outerwear. They buy their raw materials from equitable and eco-conscious sources to maintain their commitment to sustainability. M0851’s signature leather products get better with age as they become more supple and distinctive.

3. Mimi & August

With a motto of ‘exclusive and affordable products without compromising the quality and living conditions of the people who produce them’, Mimi & August is a company to love. Although they started as a swimsuit brand (Mimi), they eventually added a lifestyle label (August) and the union has been a success. Mimi & August’s commitment to the environment and favourable working conditions places them at the forefront of the slow fashion movement in both Montreal and in Canada.

4. atelier b

Made in Montreal from natural fibres with a completely (yup – completely!) zero-waste manufacturing process, atelier b is not just a leader, but an innovator of sustainable fashion in Canada. Aside from their zero-waste manufacturing, they also have a Collection Program to upcycle old styles, and a pledge to only use truly natural fibres. Atelier b currently produces all their pieces in the Mile End Fashion district of Montreal.

5. Bkind

Their name pretty much sums it up nicely (excuse the pun!); the Bkind beauty brand is truly about being respectful and thoughtful to everything around us. Bkind is completely made locally in Montreal and offers all natural, plant-based, vegan, eco-friendly beauty and skin care products. Part of Bkind’s ‘kind’ movement is ensuring kindness to sustainability, health, and animals….we think building a business on kindness rocks. ♡

Looking for more indie brands made in Canada? Whether it’s from Montreal or other Canadian cities we have heaps of fabulous fashion and beauty brands made locally to share with you. We also have fashion brands in Toronto, fashion brands in Vancouver, and much more if you’re looking for other types of fashion in Canada.

Simply search our Fashion or Beauty pages and choose the filter Ownership > Made in Canada to discover your new favourite Canadian made brands.

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