Reclaiming Identity: Indigenous Fashion & Beauty Brands in Canada.

In recent years there has been a remarkable surge in the vibrant world of Indigenous fashion and beauty ...

In recent years there has been a remarkable surge in the vibrant world of Indigenous fashion and beauty brands. With a growing emphasis on sustainable and ethical practices, these Indigenous brands blend contemporary design with preserving ancestral knowledge. In this blog, we’ll highlight just a few of the many Indigenous brands in Canada that deserve recognition.

Six Canadian Indigenous Fashion & Beauty Brands Preserving Cultural Legacies:

1. Skwalwen Botanicals

Skwalwen is a luxury Indigenous brand that creates botanical skin care products using sustainably harvested plants and organic ingredients. This Canadian Indigenous brand uses the most beautiful packaging imaginable and all their products are free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, and synthetic colours. Using Indigenous teachings, Skwalwen focuses on respect for the planet and people.

2. Indicity

This company crafts contemporary Indigenous jewelry and they are gorgeous! Indicity takes pride in their ancestral connection to the land and every piece they create is intended to be a mindful acknowledgement to their roots. Indicity is made in Canada and 100% of their designs are made by Indigenous hands. They confirm that they are supportive for their jewelry to be worn by everyone. 🙌

3. Section 35

Section 35’s mission is to ‘amplify Indigenous art, culture, and fashion‘, and they have most certainly achieved this. Their designs beautifully intertwine Indigenous culture and modern streetwear; the representation of authenticity in the Indigenous culture with a contemporary feel is a groundbreaking fusion. With styles ranging from hoodies and sweatpants, to coats and tops, Section 35‘s Indigenous designs meticulously embrace comfort, style, and culture.

4. Totem House Design

With a boutique location in Courtney, British Columbia (K’omoks First Nations land), Totem House Design is 100% Indigenous owned; their gallery and shoppe sells a variety of made in Canada Indigenous products, but has a large focus on apparel and beauty products as well. Totem House Design is founded on Indigenous values and prides themselves on fully supporting Indigenous artists who in the past were often only paid nominal royalties for their design work.

5. Mother Earth

Founded by an Indigenous woman who comes from a long line of Cree Medicine Women, the Mother Earth brand was originally intended as a way to teach students to connect to their history. Mother Earth evolved into a nature-inspired Indigenous beauty brand which uses wild edible and medicinal plants found in Canada. They have a physical boutique in Edmonton, and their online store is always open. 🌿

6. Resist Clothing Co

Resist Clothing Company is a modern streetwear label from Toronto (Tkaronto) and their motto is ‘Native Made, not Native Inspired’. A newcomer to the fashion industry, they are making waves with their bold designs and expressions of streetwear. Resist’s styles often include Indigenous slogans, fearless statements, and pop culture reimagined from an Indigenous perspective. They have filters for shopping by “I’m Native” or “I’m an Ally” so that certain designs can be worn without fear of appropriation. 👍

By supporting these Indigenous-owned brands in Canada, we help celebrate the diverse beauty of Indigenous culture, and foster a more inclusive fashion and beauty industry. As customers we can actively support these brands not only by purchasing their beautiful products, but also by amplifying their stories and advocating for the recognition they deserve.

Let’s embrace these Indigenous Canadian brands as we move toward a future where Indigenous voices are rightly elevated, honoured, and celebrated.

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