Which 2023 Makeup Trends are Hits or Misses?

Since makeup trends come from the runways, celebrities, or nowadays often influencers...

Which of these makeup trends are for most people?

Since makeup trends come from the runways, celebrities, or nowadays often influencers, they’re not always looks that the ‘average’ person can pull off, and like anything else it’s important to remember what looks good on you, and what you can (or can’t!) use from the latest trends.

Ultimately it’s up to you to decide what makeup trends are worth trying and which to pass on since what’s popular isn’t always what looks the best on you.

Here’s our take on the latest makeup trends for 2023 and whether we think they’re hits or misses – let’s see if you agree with us…

Fresh/Bare Face ~ HIT 💕👍

While the ‘no-makeup look’ is not new anymore, it’s evolving away from heavy foundations to achieve that look. Fresh light foundations, tinted moisturizers, and serums are headlining now to showcase bare skin and dewy complexions. We love this trend!

Nineties Grunge ~ MISS 👎😳

In case you haven’t noticed – the 90’s are back. From fashion to beauty, the grunge movement and smudged eyeliner is showing up again, although often in a more glam style. The warm brown colours of the 90’s are also appearing more and we’re a fan of those but not so much of the grunge look in general if it’s overdone.

Thin or Lightened Brows ~ MISS 👎🤔

Completely concealed brows are on the runways recently and in keeping with the 90’s coming back we’re also seeing ‘thin’ brows everywhere. We know that brow styles are inevitably going to come and go, but trying to get back your brows after years of over plucking is really hard to do, so it’s a trend you’ll want to think carefully about. Bleached eyebrows can be fun to try if you’re looking for a dramatic look. We’re going to go with a miss on this one.

Statement Lips ~ HIT 💕👍

After years of wearing pandemic masks we’re ecstatic to see bold lips of all shades – but mostly reds! It’s a welcome change to show off our lips and it looks good on just about everyone brave enough to try it. Lipstick shades in general are getting darker and if you pair this with the barely-there foundation, it’s a solid classic look.

Winged Eyeliner ~ HIT 💕👍

Dramatic wings, siren eyes, cat-eye wings….it’s all here. This trend is perfect for trying on a night out when you’re looking for a slightly more dramatic look. This eyeliner trend is seeing longer and sharper lines so play with this one to see how much ‘wing’ best suits your face.

Embellishments ~ MISS 👎 🤷 ✨

Facial adornments and embellishments with gems, stars, lines, pearls, rhinestones, and more are being seen all over this season. Self adhesive options are the best choice for most and if you’re looking to try this out, we suggest balancing them with more subtle colours to create a pretty and playful look. Less is more and if done right this could be a hit!

Along with these makeup trends for 2023, we’re also seeing more use of shimmer and glitter products, strong blush, and neon colours – did we mention already that the 90’s sure seem to be back? Just like then, it’s up to you to pick what trends suit your face and overall look.

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